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My First 'New' Wonder Of The World - The Taj Mahal

My First 'New' Wonder Of The World - The Taj Mahal

When I started this blog I set a challenge for myself - To see all of the wonders of the world (old, new and natural) before I am 30. Although it is quite the challenge, I am excited to take it on.

I had been lucky enough to visit my first wonder a few years ago. At the time I didn't know I would be ticking off the first item on a checklist. It is funny how life works like that. 


The reason I loved the Taj Mahal so much is that it was created from a love story. Some may not know that it was erected by the emperor Shah Jahan for the love of his life when she passed away and was designed to be the most exquisite and elaborate mausoleum to rival all that had come before it. Now that is love! 

The Taj Mahal was also unique, being the first large mausoleum dedicated to a woman. 


A few years after her death, Shah Jahan buried his wife in the very centre of the, now completed, Taj Mahal. The location of her tomb was by design, so that every element of the building was symmetrical, from the four pillars surrounding it to the beautifully carved marble flowers inlaid into the walls.

The symmetry, unfortunately, didn't last for very long. The emperor was overthrown by one of his sons and imprisoned in the Red Fort not so far away. For the rest of his life, he was trapped, destined to look at the Taj Mahal through a small window in the wall. When Shah Jahan passed away his son buried him in the Taj Mahal alongside his wife's tomb, subsequently ruining the perfect symmetry of the mausoleum. The beautiful balance of the building was no more, however no one can deny its elegance remained. 


When I visited the Taj Mahal nothing quite prepared me for the sight of the white marble structure emerging through the hazy morning mist and as I got closer the attention to detail was astounding. The pink flowers set into the white marble were identical and the intricate carvings were perfectly formed. 

The site is now visited by millions of people every year which unfortunately doesn't create the peaceful and calm atmosphere that it deserves. However, if you zone out the hustle and bustle of the tourists you can absolutely bask in its stunning beauty. 


"Wander often, wonder always" - Unknown

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