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10 Ways To Breeze Through Airport Security

10 Ways To Breeze Through Airport Security

I don't know anyone that loves the process of airport security. Sure it is there to keep us safe but it can be time consuming and tedious and we want to get it over with as quick as possible, as does every other passenger in the queue.

Here are 10 ways that you can speed up your time spent at security so you can get straight to departures to browse Duty-Free or slurp a much-needed iced coffee: 


1. Wear light layers

You need to plan for your destination sure, but if you wear heavy jeans and a bulky jumper, airport security will probably feel the need to frisk you to ensure you aren't concealing anything. Wearing light trousers and a top with an easily removable sweater will reduce the need for further investigation.

2. Don't wear jewellery

The clasps of bracelets and necklaces can be fiddly both to undo and to fasten. Reduce time spent removing your bling by not wearing any in the first place. If you do decide to wear jewellery make it an easy to remove piece or an item with a simple clasp. It will save you time and ensure your fellow passengers aren't held up. The same goes for watches, in the age of iPhones and Fitbits, maybe forego the timepiece for travelling. 

3. Footwear

Nowadays most airport security staff will ask you to remove your footwear, especially if you are wearing heels, boots or chunky shoes. To avoid the hold up before going through the metal detector, travel in slip-on flats or flip flops (depending on the destination) this way if you still need to remove your footwear it will be a 5-second task, rather than 5 minutes. If you are travelling to a cold country or like to travel in comfy boots, why not wear slip-on boots like 'UGGS' which take no time to remove when asked. 

4. Bras

Girls, you know how frustrating it can be when it's a given that the detector will beep you because of the underwire in your bra. My first suggestion is try a bra without underwiring, to avoid the inevitable. If like me, you need that trusty underwire for support then use some trial and error to work out which bras beep the most. I have a trusty travel bra that has beeped once in its lifetime, it is my go-to when travelling abroad.

5. Liquids

It has become common practice that no liquids, exceeding 100ml are allowed through airport security. This can be pain when you want to take your favourite perfume on the flight to freshen up or a little bottle of hand sanitiser. In most beauty stores or discount shops you can buy small transparent 100ml bottles that you can decant your liquids into. This way you can still have your favourites on the flight without having them confiscated at airport security. To be extra safe, pop all of these bottles into a see-through makeup bag for extra clarity. This is the one I use from Bloomingdales - 


6. Travel Wallet

To save time wading through your hand luggage to find your passport and necessary travel documents invest in a travel wallet or even use a make up bag or pencil case. These will keep all of you documents together so when asked to provide them, they are to hand. 

7. Skip the belt

Airport security staff will almost always ask you to remove your belt and if they don't you will most likely beep as you walk through the metal detector. Wear clothing that doesn't require a belt to avoid the inconvenience of removing it and then having to re-thread it through your trouser loops on the other side. 

8. Be Prepared

Often there is a queue before approaching airport security. Use this time to remove your electronics and liquids from your bag and prepare them to put into the plastic trays. This will ensure you aren't holding up the line but speed up your security experience in the process. 

9. Pick the right line

When queuing for airport security, there is often someone controlling the line, directing you to the available lanes and ensuring decorum in the area. However, when you have the opportunity to pick your line at security, choose wisely. Try to avoid the line with families. As cute as the children are with their adorable tiny rucksacks they (and their parents) will take time to remove the contents of their hand luggage and walk through the scanner. Also pay attention to your fellow travellers. Those with their laptop and liquids in hand are good to get behind, they like you want a quick and easy trip through airport security. 

10. AND FINALLY - Don't Overpack

Its hard to know what you might need on your flight, but try to be selective about what makes the cut to your hand luggage. If you are on a short haul flight you may only need a few essentials so don't pack that extra book or mini chess set - chances are you won't use them and will be frustrated that you lugged them around unnecessarily. 


“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau

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