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How Not To Feel Awkward Eating Alone

How Not To Feel Awkward Eating Alone

One obstacle I have come across while travelling solo is the alien concept of eating in a restaurant alone. Why is there still a stigma attached to it? Why is it that we feel so out of place doing something that is a part of everyday life?

Sure the social norm is to be out with friends or family and for many eating out is reserved for special occasions but for those that do eat out alone, whether it be while travelling or at home, you don't need to feel awkward. I say OWN IT! Who cares if you're alone, it doesn't mean anything. 


In my experience, it is quite enjoyable to be solo with your thoughts to deal with any mental admin that needs to be done. Time is precious so use it well and don't waste it worrying what the rest of the room thinks of you.

That being said, if sitting staring into space with your thoughts is a jump too far then take a notebook and write down little snippets of the world moving around you. One of my favourite things to do is watch people and write little descriptions of them in my notebook for safe keeping (although be subtle about it, otherwise you might freak some people out).

If writing is not for you then read a book (does anyone else feel like they don't have as much time to read nowadays?) although I have found that when I take a book, I rarely use it. Often the safety net of it being there is all I need to feel confident. 


Finally, if you are feeling brave enough, see if there are any other people eating alone that look friendly and strike up a conversation. Sometimes a 15 minutes chat with a stranger can brighten your day. 

Just know that you are the awesome human that is travelling alone and conquering the world so, if anything, when you walk into that restaurant or coffee shop have your head held high because you are a badass.


The photos in this post are some of my solo meals from around the world! 

"One of the best reasons for eating alone is the assurance that you will enjoy the company" - Karen E. Quinones Miller

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